Benefits of hand embroidery

hand embroidery is a timeless and versatile art form that involves decorating fabrics or materials with needle and thread to create intricate designs. The benefits of embroidery extend beyond the aesthetic appeal, and they include: Overall, embroidery offers a multitude of benefits that range from creative expression and relaxation to practical applications and cultural preservation. … Read more

Beaded embroidery brooch tutorial

Free beautiful Beaded embroidery brooch tutorial with free PDF download with step by step instructions and design. Today we will learn making beaded clover brooch with step by step instructions. You can go through 9 steps with important notes where ever necessary. I am sure you will be able to make your own beaded brooch … Read more

Worried How to cover up a butterfly tattoo?

If you have a question about “How to cover up a butterfly tattoo?” you are in the right place. You can definitely get your tattoo covered up. There are actually many ways you can choose to hide your disliked tattoo. In this article we will go through many important topics related to covering up a … Read more

Are you thinking about where to buy skull sculpture?

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Hyperrealistic Monochromatic Portraits by this artist are so stunning

Amanda Mocci’s hyperrealistic Monochromatic portraits prove that a single colour has a tremendous power to make a sketch look real. We all have sometimes tried to sketch a picture of our favourite person or maybe an animal and we all know the end result. We all have creativity inside us and we try drawing and … Read more

Unexpectable Cruel funny packaging tricks shared by these members of the community

We’ve all experienced funny packaging tricks and felt duped. It definitely irritates us, makes us feel helpless, and occasionally puts us in comedic situations. People in the Reddit group “expectation vs Reality” post about various harrowing situations caused by cruel packaging. Other community members are reacting and sharing their own experiences. It’s a lot of … Read more

Craft your own Papercraft Models of Vintage Computers designed by Rocky Bergen

Papercraft Models of Vintage Computers designed by Rocky Bergen will definitely spark your imagination. Have you ever tried making paper flowers, animals, and aeroplanes? I’m sure most of us have been captivated by paper crafting and experimented with various paper crafts. However, this art is not as simple as it appears when any paper artist effortlessly … Read more

Hine Mizushima cute felted sea creatures

Hiné Mizushima is originally from Japan but later moved to Vancouver, British Columbia. Her journey of making sea creatures needle-felted sculptures started when she made an animated music video using stop motion and gifted her creativity to her favourite band. Her work was highly admired by the band. This encouraged Hine to create more unique patterns … Read more