Ariel DeJesus tattoo shop reviews

We will undoubtedly read ariel Dejesus tattoo shop reviews. But first, let us learn about her outset as a tattoo artist. So Ariel was suffering from alcoholism and desired to break the habit. She was looking for ways to keep herself busy on weekends so she could resist the urge to drink more alcohol. Tattooing … Read more

Omar Afoud photographer winner of the Czech Embassy’s Photography Competition

Omar Afoud photographer captures the beauty of nature, local people, and traditions while travelling through different regions of Morocco. Omar is a well-known name in photography today. He competed in the Czech Embassy’s Photography Competition and placed third out of many talented photographers. Omar was introduced to photography by his cameraman cousin. Since then, Omar … Read more

These neon bender design will dazzle your eyes

You will be astounded by these neon bender designs created by a glass artist. Neon technology was invented around 90 years ago. There has been no decrease in the popularity of this technology since then. Our attention has always been drawn to neon sign boards. They are frequently employed in the creation of showroom advertising … Read more

David Downes Artist

Every day, we see, hear, and feel various things. Do we remember every detail of our experiences? No, most of us do not, but David Downes Artist who is a Landscape artist possesses a rare ability. This 51-year-old artist has the uncanny ability to recall every detail of every location he visits. David began drawing … Read more

Lucid Weaving unique glass embroidery

I am confident that Lucid Weaving’s unique glass embroidery will brighten your day. Who doesn’t enjoy watching brightly coloured glasses? Colourful glasses were used in skylights in older homes. The rooms used to be filled with vibrant colours whenever the sun’s rays struck the glass. As a child, it was a pure joy to decorate these … Read more

Levend Lichtje Lighted Embroidery

Levend Lichtje Lighted Embroidery which focuses on moss embroidery, you can see the use of light which not only enhances the beauty of the artwork but also disperse soothing light which is ideal for a nightlight. Have you ever tried French knot embroidery? If so, you know how much fun it is to make. It’s … Read more

Hypnotic tattoo ideas- get ready to be hypnotised

These tattoo artists’ hypnotic tattoo ideas can surely leave you hypnotized. Are you a tattoo junkie? Just by looking at the hypnotic tattoos created by these tattoo artists, you will realize that tattoos can also be used to induce hypnosis. You’ve probably noticed that whenever someone hypnotizes us, he asks us to look at a … Read more

The beautiful use of colour and texture by this artist will steal your heart

We all see beautiful use of colour and texture all around us in the form of paintings on walls some with plain colours and some with textured surfaces to make them bouncy and catch an eye on a particular area of our home. Our today’s artist Carrie- who lives in Pacific Northwest Seattle, Washington is … Read more