Beaded embroidery brooch tutorial

Free beautiful Beaded embroidery brooch tutorial with free PDF download with step by step instructions and design.

Today we will learn making beaded clover brooch with step by step instructions. You can go through 9 steps with important notes where ever necessary. I am sure you will be able to make your own beaded brooch after reading all the steps carefully.

The downloadable pdf with clover leaf design and instructions is available at the end of the article.bead embroidery patterns free

Enjoy making your own brooch.

Let us know about this type of bead embriodery

This type of Embroidery is known as bead embroidery or Flat Beading. This is the North American style of bead work. Flat Beading is the term a lot of Native, Indigenous, and Aboriginal people use.

In this beadwork embroidery generally single needle is used to embellish which ever design you choose. The material used may be large crystals, sequins , beads with different size and shapes and dyed fur or feathers.

How do you make a brooch with beads as beginners?

As a begineer you can choose some basic designs like this one in this article and in this article to make brooch after gaining experience you can experiment and use more complicated beading techniques.

Materials needed

The sewing surface is usually a stiff felt.

Needle 12no.

Gimp wire for outline

Real or faux leather for backing

Beads (checz beads) 11/0 size

Transparent thread


pencil, trace paper, scissor, paper

Brooch tutorial

Step 1

To embroider a brooch first of all print or trace your design on felt. Take enough length of gimp wire and attach with couching stitch over the printed design as shown in the image.

Note:- Choose the colour of the felt matching to the colour of beads and thread. You can use transparent mono filament polyester thread to match any bead colour.

Step 2

Attach green rhimestones with glue E6000 and then fix them with thread. Take a single crystal and sew it in the center of the flower. Take matching green coloured crystal chain and firstly glue it and then secure with thread by couching stitch.

Note Make sure to reinforce to secure the beads and rhimestones to get good finish.

Step 3

After attaching rhinestones and crystal at the center of flower fill the remaining gaps with seed beads attaching them one by one close enough so that the felt is not visible.

Step 4

Beaded embroidery brooch tutorial

After covering all the gaps with smaller beads take 2 inches long piece of gimp wire and stick on the back of the felt and secure with thread.

Take a crystal bead big enough that the gimp wire can go through it. Take a seed bead and fix it at the open end of the gimp wire by passing the thread through the gimp wire. Sew the thread at the back of the felt near the other end of the gimp wire.

Step 5

Print same design but 2-3 mm smaller in size than the original design on hard paper or you can use old greeting cards and stick on the back side of your bead embroidered brooch. Sticking cardboard on the back will give more stiffness to your brooch.

Glue brooch pin on the stiff card as shown in the picture.The correct way to wear a brooch is the tail part of the brooch should be in pointing in downward position.

Step 6

Beaded embroidery brooch tutorial

Print the similar size design on faux leather or felt. I prefer taking faux or real leather to get better finish and stiffness.

Place the cut out of leather on the back side of the felt over the brooch pin and mark the point through which the brooch pin will come out and another point where the brooch pin gets locked.

Make a small cut at both points and pull out the locking part and the pin as shown in the picture.

Step 7

Glue the leather piece to get attached to the back properly. Take precaution not to glue on the edges. Leave 3mm part from the edges unglued so that the needle can pass easily while closing the edges of the brooch.

Step 8

Beaded embroidery brooch tutorial

Note:-Sew the edges with transparent thread with blanket stitches with uniform length so the back will look neat and properly finished.

Step 9

Beaded embroidery brooch tutorial clover leafbrooch

So, now you beautiful clover brooch is ready.

Hope you enjoyed and understood all steps. Any question regarding any doubts in the brooch making process are welcome.

You can download the tutorial PDF and design here.

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