Strange amazing facts you would like to keep on reading endlessely

We all enjoy strange amazing facts and learning about new things in our daily lives and use Google to do so. But what if you could access all of this exciting knowledge in one place? lord.of.facts is an Instagram account with 47.1k followers that can completely satisfy your thirst for acquiring new knowledge that can help you and others if you share.

Do you know? Why a dog regularly pushed children into the river? Why a mayor married an alligator? Which is the most expensive wood?

Continue reading one after the other, you won’t be able to stop saying oh, wow, really? I didn’t know that. 

#1 Dog of Culture

Dog a fake hero

#2 Mayor married an alligator

mayor married an aligator

#3 The Most Expensive wood

most expensive wood

#4 Look at its Beauty(meteorite)

fukang meteorite

#5 This should reach every corner in the world (shoes)

smart shoes for blind

#6 We never knew this (spiderman)


#7 Poor Dad

poor dad

#8 What do you think???(grandpa)

what do you think

#9 The Law of Physics 

The Law of Physics 

#10 Brotherhood


#11 Father-Daughter Love

Father-Daughter Love

#12 Childhood fear come true 

Childhood fear come true 

#13 She is really Strong

She is really Strong

#14 It’s so cute 

It's so cute 

#15 The View

 The View

#16 Who wants this Chair 

Who wants this Chair

#17 Did you know this ?(stairs)

Did you know this?

#18 Amazing 

scanable QR code advertisement in Shanghai

#19 Incredible (cat boy)


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