Unexpectable Cruel funny packaging tricks shared by these members of the community

We’ve all experienced funny packaging tricks and felt duped. It definitely irritates us, makes us feel helpless, and occasionally puts us in comedic situations.

People in the Reddit group “expectation vs Reality” post about various harrowing situations caused by cruel packaging. Other community members are reacting and sharing their own experiences. It’s a lot of fun to read through all of the conversations.

Examples of funny packaging tricks

cruel packaging

These ridiculous Ores.

What received

SpongeBob popsicle

Iron Deficiency Man

Slice of the 80s Cinnamon Bread

Thought about getting dominos then decided I wanted a slightly more classy pizza – got this

Two servings per container

Not the dog I’m looking for

It’s my own damn fault for not buying Double Stuf Oreos.

I got AirPods with my new iPhone 8??? Oh wait…

“Glitter tattoo” lmao NOT ME!

Quality goodness

As big as a child! Nah, glow stick size.

$9 “McCrispy” sandwich

my friends vanilla donut

Expectation vs. Reality


Well that’s annoying.

Ordered my sister a birthday cake

$40 Whale & Diver “wood and epoxy resin” Lamp

Blue Pea Flower Tea from Singapore

This mug

Ten-year-old beside “five-tier” bookshelf…

This one small water chestnut was the only water chestnut in the whole bag

Photo on the listing vs photo in real life

I can’t breathe! ExpectationvsReality

Snow cone quality control is on vacation

Don’t forget to tip your dog groomer

Aw what a cute cat be-

Ordered Doc Ock and received Depressed Ock

The flowers my Aunt ordered and the flowers that were delivered

Not nearly as impressive

Found myself a coneless ice cream cone

This Giant Teddy Bear is rather leggy

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