Worried How to cover up a butterfly tattoo?

If you have a question about “How to cover up a butterfly tattoo?” you are in the right place. You can definitely get your tattoo covered up. There are actually many ways you can choose to hide your disliked tattoo. In this article we will go through many important topics related to covering up a bad tattoo like reasons why people opt for cover-ups, can you avoid cover-ups, types of cover-ups and many other obvious questions about covering old tattoos.

why do people get butterfly tattoos? Butterfly tattoo is the most liked and evergreen tattoo and most girls love to get themselves inked with a beautiful butterfly tattoo. A butterfly represents freedom, faith, femininity, young love, rebirth, change, and grace and symbolizes one’s soul.

Though butterfly tattoo is preferred mostly by girls nowadays boys are also choosing to get this tattoo. Now the question arises why do you feel the need to cover up a tattoo? Let’s go through some of the common reasons to get your old tattoo covered up.

Why do you feel to cover up a tattoo?

How to cover up a butterfly tattoo
Beautiful coveup of old butterfly with new one

There are many reasons that you feel to cover up your tattoo like if the old tattoo blows out or falls out of the skin. The tattoo has not come out in the proper shape you wanted or the tattoo artist failed and inked you with a totally different shape. The tattoo design is technically incorrect with broken lines and uneven shapes. The shading is messy or the wrong selection of colours for shading. The wrong placement of the tattoo is a really big mistake like the portrait tattoos should face your body not away and tattooed letters should be upside down to the wearer.

Another reason to cover up may be that your tattoo has become old-fashioned over time or you have bored seeing the same tattoo or the tattoo may have faded over time and you want a new fresh tattoo. Tattooing on scars is the best way to forget the sign of unwanted events in your life on your body.

So if you have any one reason from above you can definitely choose to cover up your old tat.

Things to consider while the cover-up

So if you have finally decided to cover up your tattoo you should surely consider some points before actually getting the cover-up done.


Your new design for covering your old tattoo should be big enough to cover the entire old tattoo. The size of the new tattoo will depend on the size of the old tattoo. The new tattoo should be twice as bigger as the previous old tattoo.


Choosing colours for cover-up depends upon previously used colours. The darker and variety of colours used in older tattoos more it will become difficult to cover it with a new tattoo. Many times you will need to fade the old tattoo with 2-3 sessions of laser removal. so faded tattoos or tattoos with thin lines and colours are best for cover-ups.


It will be easier to cover up an old tattoo with fine and delicate lines and lighter shades of colours. The more detailed worked tattoo is most difficult to cover with a simple design. You need to choose a more detailed design to hide the old tattoo.

Tattoo age

It will be easier for a tattoo artist to cover up a big 10 or 20 years old faded tattoo rather than a year-old black work small tattoo. The older the tattoo more is the capacity of the skin to absorb the ink.

Experienced Artist

You should choose an experienced artist to cover up your old tattoo to avoid mistakes in choosing the design, colour and size of the new tattoo. You can ask the artist to show her previous cover-ups so you can imagine how your cover-up can finally look.

Consider add on

If you still love your old tattoo but need to cover up for correcting the size, and colour or want to try a different look of the same design then you should consider just adding a current-fashioned design which can incorporate with the old tattoo giving it a totally different look or you can cover it with a same old themed tattoo but bigger sized and more detailed colour and design.

Below are some designs that you can choose with your old butterfly tattoo.

Butterfly tattoo with flowers
Butterfly tattoo with the name
Butterfly tattoo with a semicolon
Butterfly tattoo with shadow

Butterfly tattoo with Roman numerals, eyes, skull, words, initials and colours are more options you have if you are happy with tattoo add on.

Best  examples of cover-up tattoo

Tattoo coverup with fresh bright colour flowers
Genius scar coverup

Types of coverup

Depending upon durability you can choose whether you need a temporary coverup or a permanent solution to hide your old tattoo.


There are some options for temporary coverups like Waterproof Tattoo Cover Up Tape which is available on Amazon or other commercial sites.

Another easy and cheap solution to cover your tattoo is applying concealer or full-coverage foundation. By following some steps as mentioned with the full coverage foundation or concealer. You can hide small as well as large tattoos.

Foundations like Dermablend when applied properly last up to 16 hours as these foundations are water proof can be used while swimming. These foundations are also available with sun protection SPF 25. The foundation covers veins, stretch marks and scars and when used with setting powder it lasts long and avoids smudging.

Colour-correcting crayons are also available which can be used to fade dark colour tattoos to easily conceal your tattoo.



Laser is the most preferred tattoo removal or fading method. When your old tattoo is too dark and detailed sometimes your tattoo artist can ask for taking 2-3 laser sessions to fade the tattoo which can ease the artist to cover the old tattoo easily with the chosen new design and colour shades. Laser tattoo removal can cost you up to 300 to 450$ depending upon the size and dark colours used in the tattoo

Surgical removal

Surgical removal is another method of permanent removal of tattoos. In this method, the tattooed part is removed and then the remaining skin is sewn back. This method leaves a scar after the procedure and costs about $150 to $350 and can be useful for small tattoo removal.


This tattoo removal method is expensive and can cost up to thousands of dollars or more. In this method, the upper layer of your skin is scraped by using a rotating disk. The process is called sanding which removes ink particles by scraping.

What is a tattoo blast over?

It is a type of coverup in which the old tattoo is not covered completely but can be seen through a new one generally made with dark black work to hide previous faded colours or lines

Removal Cream

Tattoo removal cream is used to fade or remove tattoos by many peoples as it is inexpensive and easy to apply but there is no evidence found of removal or at least fading tattoos. But it can irritate your skin or damage it if your skin is sensitive.

Home remedies are also very popular to remove tattoos but have no evidence of even fading which can damage your skin. The common products people try to remove their tattoos at home are hydrogen-per-oxide, Neosporin, petroleum jelly, Aquaphor, vitamin E oil, coconut oil, aloe vera and much more but can be tried at your own risk with no surety of desired results.

What is the hardest tattoo to cover up?

Black tattoos, tattoos with dark colour shades, detailed tattoos with dark shades, bold black-coloured traditional tattoos, and portrait tattoos are hard to cover.

Black tattoos can only be covered with darker tones of navy, brown or black

Are old tattoos easier to cover up?

Old tattoos are really ideal and good for coverup as these tattoos are Faded naturally with time. The colour shades and lines become thin over a period of time.

Can you cover up a solid black tattoo?

Yes, it can be covered by any colour but difficult to remove it completely.

Is it better to remove a tattoo or cover it up?

Cost– Though tattoo removal is a permanent method it can cost from $150 to thousands of dollars depending upon the size and colour of the tattoo to be removed. As compared to this method coverup is the best solution if possible.

Size– The cost and sessions for permanently removing the tattoo depend upon the size of the tattoo.

Once the coverup is done it is very difficult to remove by laser as darker shades of colours and thick lines are used in the coverup which are difficult to remove.

Time-coverup takes half the time as compared to laser

The best option could be to combine both methods to get desired new tattoo.

What tattoo is good for a coverup?

Fine line tattoos with lighter colour shades or old faded tattoos are good for a coverup.

When can a tattoo not be covered up?

Generally, you need to wait for a month or so until it’s completely healed or the coverup will hurt and the skin would not allow the ink to absorb correctly leaving you dissatisfied again. it’s also not a good idea to do it before it’s completely healed because the original tattoo may look slightly different than it would when healed so the coverup may not look exactly right.

Why do cover-up tattoos hurt more?

Coverup on scars can hurt as skin tissues are already hurt. covering heavy dark tattoos can also hurt as now the artist needs to cover them with more thick lines.

How many sessions does it take to lighten a tattoo for a coverup?

Depending upon the size and colour of the old tattoo 2-3 laser sessions may be required to fade the tattoo.

How much does it cost to cover up a tattoo?

Cost varies according to the size and colour used in the previous tattoos. To cover a black tattoo the artist needs more detailed shading and the cost may increase. The cost generally ranges from $50 to 400$ per hour.

What tattoos will never go out of style?

Traditional tattoos like roses, anchors, dragons, tattoos with simple outlines and colour

Nature-inspired tattoos like features, birds, dandelions, stars, symbols swastika, heart, infinity, butterfly etc are some examples of evergreen tattoos.

What tattoos are most attractive?

The tattoos on the Shoulder, upper back or hip are considered very attractive and sexy in women while full selves tattooed men look more masculine and attractive.

What are the most toxic tattoos?

Hues of blue or green that can include cobalt as well as phthalocyanine. Red colour which has a reputation for causing skin issues can include mercury sulfide, cadmium, and iron oxide. Titanium and aluminium are often used as colourants in tattoos which can be toxic causing skin damage.

What tattoos are too cliche?

What are basic tattoos to avoid?

You should avoid tribal tattoos if you don’t belong or have knowledge about the signs. You should avoid tattoos with the name of your boyfriend or girlfriend. Tattoos with Wrong spelling, and offensive or hateful words should be avoided. You should also avoid getting tattooed with designs popular for time being.

What makes the best coverup tattoo?

Old tattoo cant be seen through new ones or if seen it should not affect the look of a new tattoo

Coverup aftercare

Aftercare is necessary after getting inked as it will allow your tattoo to heal and settle beautifully on your skin.

  • Avoid sleeping on the side of the new tattooed part of your body.
  • Apply the suggested moisturising cream by the artist.
  • keep it dry and clean.
  • Avoid contact with water for at least 2-3 days.
  • It requires 1 or 2 months for complete healing of the new tattoo so continue with the aftercare routine as recommended by the tattoo artist.

Do you shave over tattoos?

Yes, after 3-4 weeks of healing completely.

What is the safest tattoo ink color?

Branded black, blue and green are safest inks for tattoo.

How long do tattoos last?

Depending on the exposure of the tattoo to direct sunlight or the most used part of the body the tattoo can last up to 10 to 20 years.

Do tattoos affect hair growth?

No, tattoo ink is deposited on the dermis layer while hair follicles are deep-rooted.

Why is Friday the 13th a day for tattoos?

Generally, the 13th date is considered as bad luck but after the popular story of a sailor who tattooed himself with the number 13th to keep himself safe from misfortune. since then Friday the 13th is considered a date of good luck.

Why do people regret tattoos?

People regret those tattoos which they get without a wise decision or in a hurry.

Are people with tattoos happier?

When people get tattoos they feel more attractive, confident and strong and this change in their thinking makes them happier.

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